Congratulations to the ICIS 2022 Young Investigator Award Winners!!!

2023 ICIS Young Investigator Award Nominations/Applications

Candidates may apply or be nominated for MORE THAN ONE YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD using the Nomination/Application Form below as well as for a Cytokines 2023 Travel Award (applied for via the Cytokines 2023 Abstract Submission), but will not be awarded more than one award in a given year. Deadline for submitting Young Investigator award application is 5 April, 2023. An online nomination/application form will be coming here soon.

Nominations by mentors and/or colleagues for the Young Investigator Awards or self-applicants, please use one form for each candidate for ALL 2023 Young Investigator Award nominations or applications. Candidates may be nominated for more than one award using the same form (multi-select), but please use a separate form for each candidate.

Eligibility & Submission Guidelines for all of the  ICIS Young Investigator Awards

Nominations and Applications for Young Investigator Awards must include the following:

Winners of the 2023 Young Investigators Awards will be required to submit an abstract by 1 June, 2023 and register for Cytokines 2023 Meeting, registration Early-Bird deadline is 1 June, 2023. All Young Investigator Award Winners will be invited to present their abstract as an Oral Presentation in an appropriate session based on their abstract topic.

Please click on the images  below to get to know the 2021 Young Investigators