Growth factor standards and reference reagents available from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Cytokine antagonistsProduct codeStatusAdditional Information
Etanercept13/2041st WHO IS 
Infliximab16/1701st WHO IS 
Adalimumab17/2361st WHO IS 
Bevacizumab18/2101st WHO IS 

All preparations listed above are rDNA derived unless specified. IS, International Standard; WRR, WHO Reference Reagent; RR, NIBSC Reference Reagent; BWS, British Working Standard; WS, Working Standard.
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Cytokine standards and reference reagents available from the pharmacopoeia

Cytokine antagonists


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EtanerceptEuropean PharmacopoeiaY0001969
EtanerceptEuropean PharmacopoeiaY0002042
InfliximabEuropean PharmacopoeiaY0002110
InfliximabEuropean PharmacopoeiaY0002047

CRS, chemical reference substance intended for characterisation of product; BRP, biological reference standard intended for bioactivity; RS, reference standard