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Editor: Dr. D. Kalvakolanu
ISSN: 1043-4666 • Published Monthly
Impact Factor: 3,926
Devoted exclusively to the study of the molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, genome-wide association studies, pathobiology, diagnostic and clinical applications of all known interleukinshematopoietic factors, growth factors, cytotoxins,interferons, and new cytokines, and chemokines, Cytokine provides comprehensive coverage of cytokines and their mechanisms of actions, 12 times a year by publishing original high quality refereed scientific papers from prominent investigators in both the academic and industrial sectors.

Review of Interest: Cytokines in immunogenic cell death: Applications for cancer immunotherapy., Showalter A1, Limaye A1, Oyer JL1, Igarashi R1, Kittipatarin C2, Copik AJ1, Khaled AR3.

  1. Burnett School of Biomedical Science, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32827, United States.
  2. Office of Research and Commercialization, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32826, United States.
  3. Burnett School of Biomedical Science, College of Medicine, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 32827, United States.

2017 Sep;97:123-132. doi: 10.1016/j.cyto.2017.05.024. Epub 2017 Jun 22.

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img-2Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research

Editor-in-Chief: David L. (Woody) Woodland, PhD
Executive Editor: Raymond P. Donnelly, MD, PhD
ISSN: 1079-9907 | Online ISSN: 1557-7465
Published Monthly | Impact Factor:* 3.657*
*2021 Journal Citation Reports (Clarivate, 2022)

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The Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research provides authoritative peer-reviewed research, analysis, and advances on the therapeutic role of cytokines and IFNs. The Journal delivers current findings on emerging topics in this niche community, including the role of IFNs in the therapy of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, the understanding of the third class of IFNs, and the identification and function of IFN-inducible genes.

Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research coverage includes:

  • Structure/Function
  • Gene Expression
  • Antimicrobial and Antiviral Activities
  • Tumor Biology
  • Growth and Development

Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Michael Gale Jr., Department of Immunology, University of Washington, Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease; and other leading investigators. View the entire Editorial Board.