“History of the Interferons”
ISICR 2007

Historical Pre-Meeting
Saturday, September, 15th 2007 in Oxford

09:30 Norman Finter
09:33 Session 1 Chair Sir John Skehel FRS
Introduction: Role of MRC
09:50 Norman Finter: The SCI: Development of I FN for Medicinal Use
10:20 Joseph Sonnabend, Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou; Michael Oxman; Robert Friedman: The lsaccs Lab : questions for all speakers
10:55 Questions for all speakers
11:05 COFFEE
11.00 Session 2 Co Chairs: Joyce Taylor Papadimitriou and Joseph Sonnabend
11.30 Ion Gresser Anti-tumor Effects of Interferon: A Personal History
12.00 Geoff Scott: The Common Cold Research Unit; IFN Toxicity
12.25 Menachim Rubinstein: IFN Purification to Homogeneity
12.50 LUNCH
14.15 Session 3 Co-Chairs: Jan Vilcek and George Stark
Chairman’s introduction Jan Vilcek: IFN Beta, Gamma
14.40 Howard Young: The ISICR
15.00 Charles Weissmann: IFN Gene Cloning
15.25 Howard Thomas: IFN as an Antiviral; Chronic Virus Hepatitis and other Conditions
15.50 Bryan Williams: ds RNA in IFN Induction and Action
16.20 TEA
16.50 Session 4 Chair: Bryan Williams
16.50 George Stark: IFN Signal Transduction
17.15 Caetano Reis e Sousa: Virus Sensing and the Induction of IFN
17.40 General discussion: questions and comments from participants
18.00 CLOSE