Congratulations Yingcheng Wu, 2024 Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate Award Winner!

Congratulations Yingcheng Wu, 2024 Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate Award Winner!

Yingcheng Wu
Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University
Institut Pasteur of Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Twitter: @Charles_Y_Wu

Yingcheng Wu is a Fu Ching Yen Scholar MD, PhD candidate in Dr. Qiang Gao’s lab at Fudan University, focusing on the interplay between cellular metabolism and anti-tumor immune responses. His graduate research led to the development of the scMetabolism algorithm, which enables the modeling of single-cell metabolism and has become widely used in current single-cell analyses (Cancer Discovery, 2021), opening new avenues for understanding the immunometabolism heterogeneity. Yingcheng’s work has uncovered novel immunometabolic mechanisms, including the role of leucine in activating antigen-presenting neutrophils (Cell 2024) and the function of glutamine in supporting extra-follicular B cells (Science 2024). These findings provide new insights into the complex metabolic regulation of immune cells and their potential as anti-tumor targets.

Yingcheng’s contributions to the field have been recognized by several awards and grants, including the National Early-Career Innovation Award, NSFC Early-Career Grant, and National Scholarship of China. Looking ahead, Yingcheng plans to pursue training as a surgeon-scientist, combining his passion for surgical oncology with his expertise in immunology to improve patient care and outcomes.

Oral Presentation at Cytokines 2024 in Seoul, Korea:

“Cancer Neutrophil Encyclopedia: A Deep Dive into Antigen-Presenting Warriors”


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