Dear ICIS Member,

On behalf of the Early Career (ECR) Committee, we are initiating a mentorship program aimed to better support our membership. As part of the program, the survey link will provide important information on how to best support our members at all levels of their career regardless of background.

A couple of examples of the pairing could be

  1. Based on peer mentoring where an early stage graduate student will be connected with a more senior graduate student or a postdoc. 
  2. An early stage PI connecting with a more established one.
  3. Connecting someone in academia with a mentor in industry to answer questions such as making the transition etc.

For this first year, we hope to connect the mentor-mentees at this year’s conference and will continue interactions through the year.

After receiving the survey information, we will reach out to find the appropriate mentors. Depending on the demand and interest, the number of mentees in the initial program may be limited. 

Please also note that we have added DEI demographic information to the online membership profile for members willing to provide the information. To updated your profile, please login and click the profile button and then the Other Details button to optionally add your Personal Pronouns, Gender and Race/Ethnicity.

We appreciate your time and hope you will participate in the ICIS Mentorship Program.

Early Career (ECR) Committee

  • Adriana Forero, Co-Chair, USA
  • Juan Mendoza, Co-Chair, USA
  • Ruby Dawson, ICIS Council members for Inclusion and Training, Australia
  • Justina Kulikauskaite, ICIS Council members for Inclusion and Training, UK
  • Susan Carpenter, USA
  • Meike Dittmann, USA
  • Shruti Naik, USA
  • Olusegun Onabajo, USA
  • Elia Tait Wojno, USA