ICIS is the premier organization promoting the field of cytokine biology across many different research disciplines at a time when cytokine biology, cytokine biomarkers and cytokine therapeutics are revolutionizing modern medicine, providing novel treatments for a wide variety of diseases ranging from lethal inflammatory, autoimmune and allergic diseases, to viral infections and cancer. As the scientific family for over 1,200 scientists and physicians from 44 countries, ICIS members’ research on cytokine biomarkers and cytokine therapeutics are revolutionizing modern medicine. Through the Annual Meeting, the www.cytokinesociety.org website, Signals+ Newsletter, its official journals, ICIS prestigious awards recognizing excellence in cytokine & interferon research through annual Senior, Mid-Career, Young Investigator and Trainee awards, the Society serves as a pipeline to ultimately translate these discoveries to improve human health.

ICIS Members receive substantial discounts to register for the Annual Meeting which convenes the world’s experts on viruses & anti-viral responses, on the immune system and its functions in health & disease, leading to new treatments in autoimmune diseases, cancer, infectious diseases and inflammation. Many of the major advances in cytokine biology were first reported at the Cytokines Annual Meeting.

The role of and effect of cytokines in every aspect of human health will continue to be identified and characterized and the use of cytokines themselves or antibodies to cytokines will become even more important tools in the arsenal of clinicians. Thus, the importance of the ICIS as a focal point for cytokine research will only continue to grow.

“My being involved with the society was considered a plus by NIH for my tenure and promotion. It demonstrated that I was involved with the international scientific community.  40 years later, it is still of value for new tenure tracks to demonstrate that they are not in a silo and are interacting with the broader scientific community.” Howard Young, PhD, Senior Investigator at the Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, USA (Founder and Editor of -ICIS Signals+ Newsletter since 1994, 2021 ICIS Mentorship Award Winner, Past-President of the International Society for Interferon and Cytokine Research, Chair of the ICIS Membership & Communications Committee.

Membership Dues       One Year       Two Year      Three Year
Academic/Government   $75.00             $ 135.00        $200.00
Industry                            $250.00             $450.00         $650.00
Student/Post Doc                n/a                       n/a             $60.00
Emeritus Member            $20.00             $35.00              $45.00

Life Member*                   $500.00 donation
* for academic/government members over the age of 55

Membership Milestone:

Students & Postdoc membership has grown the most in the last few years, currently making up 48% of total membership. The newly established ICIS Early-Career Researcher (ECR) Committee welcomes new members to join them in building on to the scientific home for everything cytokine and determining the future direction of the ICIS to provide what those newest to the field need to succeed. 

Academic/Government Life Membership96
Academic/Government Member472
Emeritus Member19
Honorary Member48
Industry Member22
Student PostDoc Three Year Membership573

Cytokines 2024 Meeting Information: Click Here

Benefits of Membership

Membership in the society is open to all individuals interested in cytokines, interferons and chemokines.

Description of Membership Types:

Academic/Government Member: Members who possess an earned baccalaureate or higher degree in science or medicine or the academic equivalent of the above, and are currently engaged in professional activities commonly associated with cytokine and interferon research in academia or government institutions.

Industry Member: ICIS provides membership for industry employees who are directly involved in research, education, and/or corporate leadership in the field of cytokine and interferon research, including small business owners and consultants. The goal is to strengthen the links between industry, academia and government scientists and to advance the therapeutic use of and targeting of cytokines, their commercialization and the success of biological response modifiers.

Student/Post Doc: Postdoctoral fellows, graduates or undergraduate students involved in cytokine and interferon research or closely related academic disciplines, shall be eligible to become Student Members. Applications for Student/Postdoc membership must include a letter from the training advisor verifying status as a Student or Postdoc. Student Members pay a reduced membership fee so long they annually certify to the Society that they are engaged in full-time academic studies or research. Student Members are entitled to all rights and privileges of Members, including eligibility for society awards.

Emeritus Member: Members who have retired or become emeritus of his/her Institution may apply to the Council for admission to emeritus status. Emeritus Members pay a reduced membership fee and but shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of Members.

Lifetime Member: Academic/Government Members over the age of 55 may pay a once in a lifetime fee of $500 to remain an active member without having to renew dues ever again in the future.

Please use the online membership system to apply for member, but if you do not wish to use the online system, you can also download the membership application below, and send it back by email or fax, or mail it in with a check.