Growth factor standards and reference reagents available from the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

Human Growth Factors

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Basic fibroblast growth factor90/7121st WHO IS 
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor96/534WRR 
Ciliary neurotrophic factor94/684WRR 
Epidermal growth factor91/5301st WHO IS 
Epidermal growth factor (1-52)91/550WRR 
Hepatocyte growth factor96/564WRR 
Hepatocyte growth factor precursor96/5561st WHO IS 
Keratinocyte growth factor03/150WRR 
Keratinocyte growth factor (24–163)03/148WRR 
Leptin97/5941st WHO IS 
Nerve growth factor93/556WRR 
Platelet-derived growth factor BB94/7281st WHO IS 
Vascular endothelial growth factor 16502/286WRR 

All preparations listed above are rDNA derived unless specified. IS, International Standard; WRR, WHO Reference Reagent; RR, NIBSC Reference Reagent; BWS, British Working Standard; WS, Working Standard.
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