If you have any trouble logging in, or if once logged in you feel our records are incomplete, please email the Managing Director, Joan Oefner at joefner@cytokinesociety.org.

Changing membership types: 
ICIS provides membership for industry representatives who are directly involved in research, education, and/or corporate leadership in the field of cytokine and interferon research, including small business owners and consultants. Please click the (Change Membership Type) button on the online renewal form if you need to change from academia/government member to Industry Member or if you’re going from industry to academia or government. Student/Postdoc Members who have completed their Postdoc positions should contact Joan Oefner to have the membership type changed to Academic/Government Member  or Industry Member before renewing. This can not be done automatically through the online system but Joan will be happy to help you.

ICIS is the premier organization promoting the field of cytokine biology across many different research disciplines, impacting all aspects of medicine, from cancer to autoimmune disease to neural development and function. Through the Annual Meeting, the www.cytokinesociety.org Website and Signals+ Newsletter, its official journals and the work of its committees, the Society serves as a network to facilitate research communication to ultimately translate discoveries to improve human health.

  • $100 discount on registration fees ($50 for student/postdoc Members; $250 for Industry Members) for the Annual Meeting.

Membership Dues       One Year       Two Year      Three Year
Academic/Government   $75.00             $ 135.00        $200.00
Industry                            $250.00             $450.00         $650.00
Student/Post Doc                n/a                       n/a             $60.00
Emeritus Member            $20.00             $35.00              $45.00

Life Member*                   $500.00 donation
* for academic/government members over the age of 55

Membership Milestone:

Students & Postdoc membership has grown the most in the last few years, currently making up 48% of the total membership. The newly established ICIS Early-Career Researcher (ECR) Committee welcomes new members to join them in building on to the scientific home for everything cytokine and determining the future direction of the ICIS to provide what those newest to the field need to succeed. 

Academic/Government Life Membership96
Academic/Government Member472
Emeritus Member19
Honorary Member48
Industry Member22
Student PostDoc Three Year Membership573

Cytokines 2024 Meeting Information: Click Here

Benefits of Membership

  • The ability to network with leaders in the field of interferon and cytokines research. Above all, the rewards of your active participation in the premier Society dedicated to the promotion of cytokine biology are the international, multi-disciplinary and essential contacts you will make over the coming years, which have the potential to accelerate your career and scientific achievements.
  • $100 discount on registration fees ($50 for student/postdoc Members; $250 for Industry Members) for the Annual Meeting.
  • Members save over 85% on a Personal Online subscription to Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research  (login in for details on how to order).

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