If you have any trouble logging in, or if once logged in you feel our records are incomplete, please email the Managing Director, Joan Oefner at joefner@cytokinesociety.org.

Changing membership types: 
ICIS provides membership for industry representatives who are directly involved in research, education, and/or corporate leadership in the field of cytokine and interferon research, including small business owners and consultants. Please click the (Change Membership Type) button on the online renewal form if you are not or are no longer working in academia or government to renew as an Industry Member. The goal is to strengthen the links between industry, academia and government scientists and to advance the therapeutic use of and targeting of cytokines, their commercialization and the success of biological response modifiers. Industry Members benefit from a $250 discount on Annual Meeting registration fees for Cytokines 2023: 11th Annual Meeting of the International Cytokine & Interferon Society, 15-18 October, 2023 at the Divani Caravel Hotel in Athens, Greece.

Student/Postdoc Members who have completed their Postdoc positions should contact Joan Oefner to have the membership type changed to Academic/Government Member  or Industry Member before renewing. This can not be done automatically through the online system but Joan will be happy to help you.

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