Warren J. Leonard is awarded the 2020 Milstein Award for Excellence in Interferon & Cytokine Research

Warren J. Leonard is a physician-scientist whose contributions in the area of cytokines began in the early 1980’s when he cloned the IL-2 receptor α chain, and represent the “pinnacle of scientific achievement in interferon and cytokine research”. He has made outstanding contributions in both basic science and translational areas, with many of his innovative contributions notable for the potential for clinical application. His work continues to explore the role of cytokines in immune dysregulation.

Sarah Gaffen and Vijay Kuchroo are jointly recognized for the 2020 ICIS-BioLegend William E. Paul Award for their combined contributions deciphering the role of a key cytokine IL-17 in health and disease

Sarah Gaffen is a world leader in the field of IL-17 biology and function and has become virtually synonymous with this cytokine within the broad scientific community. Vijay K. Kuchroo is recognized for his impact on many of the fundamental discoveries related to cytokine research over the past decade. In particular, he was instrumental in defining the IL-17 producing Th17 cells and their role in autoimmunity and how their modulation effects immune function and tissue inflammation.

The 2019 Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate & Post Graduate Award Winners – Billur Akkaya & Anukriti Mathur

From left: Thomas Lavoie (PBL), Billur Akkaya, Anukriti Mathur, Kate Fitzgerald and Bryan Williams Generously sponsored by PBL Assay Science. POST-GRADUATE AWARD WINNER Billur Akkaya, MD, D.Phil, Research Fellow, Laboratory …

Young Investigators in the diverse field of cytokine biology are encouraged to apply for the 2020 Michelson Prizes

The 2020 Michelson Prizes will focus on transformative research in human immunology, with trans-disease applications to accelerate vaccine and immunotherapeutic discovery. Applications are currently being accepted (deadline October 31, 2019). @HumanVacProject

Announcing the 2019 ICIS Young Investigator Award Winners

2019 Milstein Young Investigator Award Winners: Juan Luis Mendoza, Assistant Professor, The University of Chicago, Chicago, USA Dr. Mendoza is an Assistant Professor of Molecular Engineering in the Pritzker School …