The Role of Cytokines in COVID-19 – June 18th, 2020 9am-1.45pm Eastern – Virtual FREE Meeting

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Introduction – 9am

  • Amy Rosenberg, FDA
  • Anthony Fauci, NIAID
  • Janet Woodcock, FDA

Session 1  – 9.20am: The changing cytokine response over the course of COVID-19 infection.

  • Miriam Merad, Mount Sinai: Pathogenic Inflammation in COVID-19 patients.
  • John Tsang, NIAID: TBA
  • Frank van de Veerdonk, Radbound University: Integrated pathophysiological approach and treatment rationale for COVID-19.
  • Q&A Moderator: Daniela Verthelyi, FDA

Session 2 – 10.30am: Cellular origins of the cytokine release syndrome and effects on adaptive immunity during COVID-19. Cellular origins of the cytokine release syndrome, lymphopenia, and T cell exhaustion.

  • Chen Dong, Tsinghua University: Adaptive immunity to SARS-Cov-2 in convalescent individuals.
  • Luigi D. Notarangelo, NIAID: Biomarkers of inflammation and dynamic changes of mononuclear cells in COVID-19.
  • Xiaoyu Hu, Tsinghua University: Monocyte/macrophage phenotypes in COVID-19 patients.
  • Q&A Moderator: Ranjan Sen, NIA

Session 3 – 12pm: Cytokine-targeted mitigation strategies for COVID-19 early and late stages of disease.

  • Randy Cron, University of Alabama: Rationale for Effectiveness of Cytokines in Early Disease, and Cytokine Inhibition in Late Covid-19.
  • Eleanor Fish, University of Toronto: Interferons as therapies for COVID-19.
  • Michail Lionakis, NIAID: Targeting BTK to ameliorate hyper-inflammatory responses in severe COVID-19.
  • Q&A Moderator: Hyun Park, NCI

Conclusion – 1.30pm

  • Howard Young, NCI
  • Annual CIG William E. Paul Award for Best Paper in Cytokine Research announcement, Niki Moutsopoulos, NIDCR
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