Candidate for Nominations Committee – 3 Years – 2021 ICIS Leadership Election

Rune Hartmann, PhD, Nominating Committee (2022 - 2024)

Rune Hartmann, PhD
Professor of Innate immunology
University of Aarhus, Denmark

I have been a member of ICIS since I was a graduate student in the late 90ties, at Aarhus University. Here I started my career by combining immunology with the strong research field of RNA biology existing at AU and studied how the OAS family of proteins recognized virally derived dsRNA. Subsequently, I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where I shifted field and became a structural biologist by solving the first structure of OAS1. I also benefited from the immense group of people interested in innate immunology and built a strong international network within innate immunity, and in particular Interferon research.

I returned to AU in 2004, building a competitive program in innate immunology focused upon type III IFNs and how viruses are recognized. Within my group, I combine multiple different disciplines, structural biology, biochemistry and genetics. Combining several different scientific fields is both a key interest and one of my strengths. I am currently course director for immunology at Aarhus University, and serves at the research committee at our department, who advise our chair in all matter of staff recruitment and promotion.