Our Lifetime Members:

  • Avoid annual dues and renewals.
  • Never pay an increase in dues—Guaranteed for Life!
  • Reap all the benefits of ICIS membership.
  • Know that their $500 dues payment will be used to support the goals and mission of the ICIS, to promote the field of cytokine biology, impacting all aspects of medicine and leading to new treatments in autoimmune diseases, cancer, infectious diseases and inflammation.

The following ICIS members have shown their support to the mission of the premier international society devoted to cytokine biology by becoming Lifetime Members. ICIS Lifetime members are an esteemed part of our family of cytokine biologists, they are listed below: (as of April 30, 2019)

Marco Baggiolini, Lugano, Switzerland

Jan Burger, Houston USA

Fred Caldwell, Jr., Little Rock, United States

Wantao Chen, Shanghai, China

Tatiana Chernovskaya, Lyubuchany-Chekhov District, Russian Federation

Divaker Choubey, Cincinnati, United States

Abraham Danon, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Lev Denisov, Lyubuchany-Chekhov, Russian Federation

Matt Devalaraja, Waltham, United States

Matthias Feige, Garching, Germany

Hans-Dieter Flad, Freiburg, Germany

Gerald M. Fuller, Birmingham, United States

Michael Gale, Jr., Seattle, United States

Ruth Gallily, Jerusalem, Israel

Noelle Genetet, Rennes Cedex, France

Jerome Hershman, Los Angeles, United States

Curt Horvath, Evanston, United States

Shie-Liang Hsieh, Nang-Kang, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Christopher Hunter, Philadelphia, United States

Lionel Ivashkiv, New York, United States

Susan John, London, United Kingdom

Arthur G Johnson, Duluth, United States

Achsah Keegan, Baltimore, United States

Khalid Khabar, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Srecko Koren, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stephen Krane, Charlestown, United States

John Krolewski, Rochester, United States

Carol Lapp, Augusta, United States

Ferdy J Lejeune, Lusanne, Switzerland

Laurel Lenz, Aurora, United States

Wan-Wan LIN, Taipei, Taiwan, Province of China

Richard Locksley, San Francisco, United States

Mark Maloney, Atlanta, United States

Uwe Marx, Berlin, Germany

Robert Means, Jr, Johnson City, United States

Stephen Morse, New York, United States

Estanislao Nistal Villan, Madrid, Spain

Majed Odeh, Haifa, Israel

Daniel J. P. Oth, Laval, Canada

Jaclyn Pearson, Melbourne, Australia

Stephen Polyak, Seattle, United States

Robert Prendergast, Woods Hole, United States

Stephen Ralph, Gold Coast, Australia

Nancy Reich, Stony Brook, United States

Sherwood Reichard, Augusta, United States

Feng Shao, Beijing, China

Jean Sipe, Bethesda, United States

Novera Spector, Carlsbad, United States

Anton Stalc, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Jenny Ting, Chapel Hill, United States

Dionysios Tsambaos, Patras, Greece

Tokutaro Tsuda, Tokyo, Japan

Kazuko Uno, Sakyo-ku Kyoto, Japan

Ramakrishna Vankayalapati, Tyler, United States

Stefanie Vogel, Baltimore, United States

Carl Ware, La Jolla, United States

Bryan Williams, Clayton, Australia

Masatomo Yamashita, Ichihara, Japan

Hideyuki Yanai, Tokyo, Japan

Song Guo Zheng, Columbus, USA

Elina Zuniga, La Jolla CA, United States