3rd International Symposium Protease World in Health and Disease September 11-14, 2022 in Kiel, Germany

Dear Colleagues, Friends and Fellows,

On behalf of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC877) at the University of Kiel, we would like to remind you of our third International Symposium entitled “Protease World in Health and Disease” on 11. to 14. September 2022 in Kiel.

The Deadline for abstract submission is July 20,2022 and 

The deadline for early bird registration is July 20,2022

The CRC877 is a research consortium, which is generously funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) from 2010 through 2022.

The general aim of the CRC877 is to obtain a profound understanding of proteolytic processes in cellular regulation and signaling and to characterize the roles of proteolytic pathways in human pathophysiology. The process of proteolysis is irreversible, in contrast to other posttranslational modifications such as protein phosphorylation, protein lipidation or protein methylation. Therefore, proteolysis represents an entirely different and presumably higher level of regulation than the other mentioned protein modifications used in signal transduction. Furthermore, signaling via proteases is usually fast and thus is used by the organism for stress or danger responses during inflammatory states.

The symposium will bring together more than one hundred established scientists and junior researchers to meet here in Kiel, Germany to discuss many aspects of the fascinating world of cellular proteases, protease inhibitors and regulators of proteolytic events. Talks by internationally renowned invited speakers will be complemented by shorter talks selected from the abstracts and by poster sessions. We are convinced that the attractive venue of Kiel will ensure exciting exchange of ideas and unpublished data and will enable new scientific collaborations.

All speakers or participants of this meeting will realize that only fundamental research focusing on the molecular events leading to and following proteolysis will provide new ideas for the future and will in the end lead to causal treatment of human diseases.

We are pleased to invite you to attend

 The topics of the symposium are:

  • Structure-Function Studies of Proteases
  • Regulation of Proteases
  • Proteases in Inflammation, Infection and Immune System
  • Proteases in Cancer and Apoptosis
  • Proteases in Alzheimer Disease
  • Methods and Analysis of Protease Research

 The symposium will include poster presentations and talks by young researchers. Talks will be chosen from of submitted abstracts. Therefore, we like to invite especially PhDs students and junior scientists to submit an abstract.

Conference Website:


 Conference Venue:

University of Kiel, Hörsaal CAP3, Christian-Albrechts-Platz 3 24118 Kiel, Germany


Charge for participation amounts to 300.- € per person (Early Bird).
Students can apply for a reduced rate of 200.- € (Early Bird)

Important dates:

Deadline for abstract submission: July 20,2022

Deadline for early bird registration: July 20,2022

We kindly request you to forward this mail to other researchers and to post the attached announcement in your institution.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kiel in September 2022…hopefully the Corona situation will allow our meeting to be held in person…

Best wishes,

 Stefan Rose-John

(Spokesperson of the CRC877)

Download the Conference Poster:

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