ICIS Stands in Support of Justice and Equality for All

To: ICIS Members

Date: June 4th, 2020

The nine minutes captured on video and disseminated widely around the world this past week with the death of George Floyd, highlight not only this single human tragedy, but the racial divide across the US. The racial disparities in health care and society brought to the forefront with the COVID19 pandemic, further underscore the inequities faced by the african american community in the US. As we reel with the horror and injustice of the death of George Floyd, we as a society reaffirm our stand against racism and injustice of any kind and remind all our members across the globe of our commitment to a culture of diversity and inclusion. We need underrepresented minorities in our society and we strive to increase diversity across the society. Our society welcomes all scientists interested in cytokines and interferons and we work hard to make our members feel encouraged and empowered. We are disgusted and saddened by the tragic events in Minneapolis as well as the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others in recent years. We hope there is a swift and peaceful resolution and long-term change that will ease the tensions created by this heartbreaking situation.

International Cytokine and Interferon Society Leadership

Kate Fitzgerald, ICIS President
Christopher Hunter, ICIS Vice-President
Nancy Reich Marshall – Immediate Past-President (2019-2021)
Dusan Bogunovic, Treasurer
John W. Schoggins, Secretary
David Artis, Council Member
Sarah Gaffen, Council Member
Anne O’Garra, Council Member
Hiroki Yoshida, Council Member
Curt Horvath, Meetings Committee
Howard Young, Membership committee
Joan Oefner, Managing Director

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