ICIS 2018 Honorary Lifetime Membership Award

William Robert Fleischmann Jr.
Central Michigan University College of Medicine, Mt. Pleasant, USA

Professor Emeritus, William Robert Fleischmann, Jr., Ph.D. has been actively engaged in interferon research since the early 1970’s. His research activities have involved examining the antiviral, growth inhibitory and anti-tumor activities of IFN-α, IFN-ß and IFN-γ. His research studies have had widespread clinical implications, particularly on the use of colony stimulating factor to reverse bone marrow suppression. Dr. Fleischmann has been a staunch supporter of the Society journal, JICR, routinely publishing his research findings in the journal over many years. He has served the Society as a member of the International Council, as a member of the Editorial Board of the JICR for 13 years, and as the Chair of the Publications Committee for 20 years.  He has demonstrated his commitment to the Society through establishing the annual Christina Fleischmann Award to Young Women Investigators working in cytokine, chemokine and interferon biology. The award is dedicated to the memory of ISICR member and outstanding interferon research scientist Christina Fleischmann, Ph.D. This prestigious award, showcasing excellence in science and, specifically, promoting women in science has allowed the ICIS to profile young female scientists early in their research careers.

Please join us on Saturday, 27 October, for the presentation of the 2018 ICIS Honorary Lifetime Membership Award to Professor Emeritus William Robert Fleischmann, Jr. We also look forward to having Dr. Fleischmann present the Christina Fleischmann Award to the 2018 winner in Boston.


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