Etienne Masle-Farquhar, PhD
Postdoctoral Scientist & Research Officer | Immunogenomics Laboratory | Genomic Medicine Laboratory
Conjoint Lecturer | St Vincent’s Clinical School UNSW
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Darlinghurst, Australia

Twitter: @EtienneMasle

Dr. Etienne Masle-Farquhar is half-French half-Australian, loves science, good food and the outdoors. Following undergraduate studies in Paris, France (Saint Louis) and Canberra, Australia (ANU), he obtained 1st class Honours in Immunology supervised by A/Prof. Anselm Enders and Prof. Stefan Broer. Increasingly interested in autoimmune diseases, Etienne completed his PhD (UNSW Dean’s Thesis Award) with Prof. Chris Goodnow and A/Prof. Joanne Reed at the Garvan Institute. During his PhD, Etienne studied the shared genetic causes of autoimmune disease and lymphoma/leukemia – and studied in particular the effects of gain-of-function STAT3 mutations amongst others. Etienne is increasingly fascinated by autoimmunity and autoinflammation, and the interplay therein of cytokines, inflammation and acquired gene mutations. Etienne is pursuing these interests as a postdoctoral scientist with Dr. Owen Siggs and Prof. Goodnow, by studying individuals with rare and common diseases caused by acquired gene mutations.

Cytokines 2022 Oral Presentation in Cytokines Lightning Talks 1 – Cytokine regulation and consequences:  “GAIN-OF-FUNCTION STAT3 MUTATIONS CONNECT AUTOIMMUNITY AND LEUKEMIA BY PATHOLOGICAL CD8 T CELL DYSREGULATION.