Congratulations to Lucy Sjaastad, 2021 Pfizer Junior Investigator Award for Most Promising Research Presentations at the Cytokines Annual Meeting

PhD Candidate
University of Minnesota
St Paul, Minnesota, United States

Lucy Sjaastad is a 4th year graduate student in Dr. Michael Farrar’s lab at the University of Minnesota. There she studies regulatory T-cell (Treg) development and functions during infection.  Recently, Lucy and her collaborators identified a unique population of Tregs that express a strong interferon-stimulated gene (ISG) signature.  These Tregs are present in mice at steady state and expand in the lungs and draining lymph nodes during infection with influenza A virus.  Interestingly, ISG-Tregs emerge earlier during infection and express a distinct T-cell receptor repertoire by comparison to other lung infiltrating Tregs.   The function of these cells is unknown.  Using a novel mouse model that enables inducible depletion of ISG-Tregs, Lucy and her colleagues aim to dissect the function of these Tregs during influenza infection.

BEST iPoster Presentation at Cytokines 2021 Hybrid Meeting: ISG-Tregs in Viral Infection

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