Announcing 2020 Christina Fleischmann Award to Young Women Investigators – Carrie Lucas

Carrie L Lucas, PhD
Assistant Professor of Immunobiology
Yale University
Department of Immunobiology
New Haven,  United States

Dr. Carrie Lucas leads a laboratory devoted to discovering new and translationally relevant principles of immunology by defining and studying novel monogenic human immune disorders. Combining human genomics, in vitro studies using primary patient cells, and in vivo mouse modeling approaches, her team seeks to gain incisive basic and translational insights starting with patients. Dr. Lucas is an Assistant Professor of Immunobiology at Yale University School of Medicine. She received her PhD from Harvard University, where she investigated T cell tolerance in mouse models, and her postdoctoral training at NIAID/NIH, where she focused on human immunology in monogenic diseases caused by PI3K gene variants.


Carrie Lucas Lab

Professor Lucas will give a virtual oral presentation at Cytokines 2020 Virtual Meeting in November!

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