Enter the ICIS - COVID-19 Video Contest

The International Cytokine & Interferon Society is launching contest to create a video that explains the role of cytokines & interferons in covid-19 to lay audiences.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has raged on, the role of cytokines and interferons have been talked about by the media and on television between physicians and scientists proposing clinical trials targeting the “cytokine storm” (e.g. Tocilizumab) and those affirming that antiviral therapy is more relevant, and other related issues. Many ICIS members have been featured on CNN, NPR, FOX News and other media outlets as never before, and those that have never studied biology or medicine now recognize the terms “cytokines & interferons”The ICIS would like to build on this momentum and add to the public discussions, as well as raise awareness of our society which is involved in basic research on biological mechanisms underlying cytokine-mediated host response to respiratory viral and bacterial infection.

Successful entries must be scientifically accurate and include the roles of cytokines towards suppressing viral infection, as well as the concept of cytokine storm and adverse consequences of cytokines. Contestants are encouraged to refer to peer-reviewed literature and to include references in the video when appropriate.

In addition to scientific accuracy, videos will be judged for audio and visual artistic merit and their ability to engage lay audiences to view the entire videos, which should be no more than 5 minutes in length, excluding credits.

Finalists will be announced by email to the full Cytokine Biology community, posted on the ICIS website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Group and You Tube page, and included in a EurekAlert press release.

Our past and current efforts to understand the host response to viruses and other pathogens and the importance of IFN and cytokines in controlling infection and the immune response to vaccines could not be more important than it is now.

How to Enter the ICIS-COVID-19 Video Contest

  1. Create an original video clip (up to 5 minutes in length) that explains the role of cytokines & interferons in covid-19 to lay audiences, following the guidelines in the Competition rules.
  2. Prepare a short descriptive text of maximum 1000 characters (preferably in English) to be uploaded along with the video.
  3. Add your Video through the online submission form below before July 31, 2020 (you can edit your submission(s) anytime before the deadline.