International Cytokine & Interferon Society

On-Demand – The Role of Cytokines in COVID-19 Virtual Meeting Recording

Click the photo above or the link below to access the on demand recording of the meeting from June 18 2020 <a href=httpsncirevvbrickcomvideosebfaa350 bab0 4b46 80e2 804b9f08e1ca>httpsncirevvbrickcomvideosebfaa350 bab0 4b46 80e2 804b9f08e1ca<a>

Introduction – 9am

Session 1  – 9.20am: The changing cytokine response over the course of COVID-19 infection.

Session 2 – 10.30am: Cellular origins of the cytokine release syndrome and effects on adaptive immunity during COVID-19. Cellular origins of the cytokine release syndrome, lymphopenia, and T cell exhaustion.

Session 3 – 12pm: Cytokine-targeted mitigation strategies for COVID-19 early and late stages of disease.

Conclusion – 1.30pm
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