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Congratulations Noémie Alphonse, 2023 Sidney & Joan Pestka Graduate Award Winner!

2023 PBL Graduate Award Winner Noémie Alphonse

2023 PBL Graduate Award Winner Noémie Alphonse

Noémie Alphonse
PhD student
Department of Infectious Diseases
King’s College London

Noémie Alphonse is a 4th year PhD student conducting research in the field of immunology and microbial sciences. She is affiliated with two laboratories: Dr. Charlotte Odendall’s lab in the School of Immunology and Microbial Sciences at the King’s College London, UK, and Dr. Andreas Wack’s lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

Prior to her time in London, Noémie completed a Master’s degree in Infectiology: Microbiology, Virology and Immunology, at Diderot University in partnership with the Pasteur Institute in Paris. During her Master’s program she spent 8 months working in the team of Dr. Caroline Demangel, where she investigated the protective roles of a mycobacterial-derived drug called mycolactone against B cell leukemia.

Noémie’s current research focuses on the functions of interferons, during bacterial

infections in the gut. Recently, she and her colleagues discovered that a family of bacterial effectors called OspC, targets and dampens type I and III interferon responses. This finding suggests that interferons play a crucial role in the body’s defense against bacterial infections.

To further investigate the antibacterial mechanisms of interferons and gain a deeper understanding, Noémie is conducting in vivo research using a well-established model of bacterial-induced colitis.

As she nears the completion of her PhD, Noémie has secured a postdoctoral position in France at the Research Centre of Respiratory Diseases, INSERM UMR 1100 in Tours. In her upcoming role, she will apply her unique expertise to study immune memory, an innovative concept in innate cells.

Oral Presentation at Cytokines 2023 in Athens, Greece:


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