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2023 ICIS Election underway – Voting Deadline Monday, 31 July

Dear ICIS Member,

Voting is currently open for the International Cytokine & Interferon Society (ICIS) leadership election.

The 2023 leadership election allows you to vote for your preferred candidates for the following positions:

  • (1) President-Elect, 2-year term (who will successively become ICIS President for 2-years)
  • (2) Council Members for 3-year terms
  • (1) Council member for for Inclusion and Training 2-year term
  • (3) Nominations Committee Member for 3-year terms

All Members in good standing have the right to vote in elections of the Society, to hold Society Office, Council or Committee membership. A request was made to all ICIS members soliciting nominations for the ballot on February 6, 2023. The ICIS Nominations Committee is pleased to offer this slate of candidates, which has been confirmed by the Council.

Please participate in the Ballot and cast your votes online by Monday July 31, 2023 11:59 PM EST.

Thanks for your participation!

International Cytokine & Interferon Society Nominating Committee

  • Nancy C. Reich Marshall, USA, Chair January 2021 – January 2024) term ending
  • Rune Hartmann, DK (January 2022 – January 2025)
  • Lydia Lynch, IE (January 2022 – January 2025)
  • Shruti Naik, USA (January 2023 – January 2026)
  • Claudia Nold, Australia (January 2021 – January 2024) term ending
  • Andreas Wack, UK (January 2021 – January 2024) term ending

Your choices are secret and cannot be accessed by the administrator. If you did not receive a ballot by email from Election Buddy, and you believe your membership is current, please email Joan Oefner.
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