Post-Doctoral Fellow – Immunology Computational Biology


Postdoctoral Fellow – Investigate disease dependencies using multi-omics data with systems biology, machine learning and
network approaches for autoimmune disorders

The Postdoctoral Program is designed for true investigational and experimental research. Participants will be mentored by renowned
industry scientists and collaborators at AbbVie and focused on delivering cutting-edge advancements in Discovery, Development
Sciences and BioPharma. The enriching training program offers a balance of structured learning and work experience which fosters
a learning environment to advance individual development with accessibility to high-level knowledge building across the drug
development continuum. Technical expert that will investigate, identify, develop, and optimize new methods/ techniques to address
critical project needs. Continuously seek to improve existing laboratory methods and processes. Read and adapt literature to
accomplish assignments. Demonstrate mastery of broad range of experimental techniques and methods of data analysis.
To be successful in our goals as an organization, we developed the AbbVie Postdoc Program for outstanding individuals willing to
challenge themselves to find the best solutions for our patients
Through our Postdoc program, we are hiring postdocs from key academic institutions for preferred areas of science in the U.S., while
providing a unique opportunity for participants to build a solid career foundation in the pharmaceutical industry while building the
AbbVie brand as an employer of choice for scientific talent. The program offers a balance of structured learning and work
experience, with accessibility to high-level knowledge building across the drug development continuum. This assignment is
expected to be two years and no more than three years.

We are looking for the incoming Postdoc class to join AbbVie as the company is positioning itself for another significant year of
growth and of the continuing advancement of its patient-driven science and its strategic priorities. In a collaborative, resource rich
environment, you and your scientific mentor will be exploring, targeting, investigating, and evaluating key areas of novel research
with a publication as the end point. We have an exceptional postdoctoral opportunity within a cross-functional group engaged in
developing novel computational methodologies for discovering novel targets for autoimmune diseases.

The project is to develop computational methods using systems biology and network approaches to analyze large scale multiomics
data from RNA-seq/Cite-seq/ATAC-seq and proteomics in autoimmune diseases
Collaborate with research scientists to conceive analysis strategy, identify relevant analysis methodology, internal and external
datasets, and knowledge resources for data integration
Communicate results verbally and in writing to scienti”c and technical audiences
Provide expertise and technical consultation for external collaborations/partnerships in academia and industry.

PhD. In a quantitative field e.g: computer science, bioinformatics, machine learning, statistics, mathematics, genomics, or a
related field. Individuals with both theoretical and applied backgrounds involving strong computational research are
encouraged to apply.
Proficiency in R/ Python, Linux with strong statistical and computational skills. Ability to work in an HPC environment.
Experience in one or more of the following is required: Network biology, Machine learning and Neural networks, data
integration and biological network inference

Preference is for the position to be based on-site at our Cambridge location but applicants seeking to work remotely will also be
Expertise in computational biology, network biology, machine learning and bioinformatics
Good understanding of immunology disease biology especially RA, SLE and related subjects
Experience in designing and applying bioinformatics algorithms, unsupervised and supervised methods, univariate and
multivariate regression analyses, predictive modeling, machine learning and deep learning methods
Proactive scientist with outstanding presentation and communication skills that foster collaboration and teamwork
A collaborative and self-motivated individual with a strong work ethic, ability to work in a dynamic environment and able to
manage multiple objectives in parallel and adapt to changing priorities

Req ID: 2213147

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