List of 2017 Milstein Travel Award Winners
List of 2017 Milstein Travel Award Winners
List of 2017 Milstein Travel Award Winners

Thanks to the generosity of the Milstein family, the following abstract presenters who might otherwise not have been able to attend the 2017 Annual Meeting in Kanazawa and share the most current interferon and cytokine knowledge with peers from around the world, received Milstein Travel Awards:

Lauren Danielle Aarreberg (United States)

Adrian Achuthan (Australia)

Sebastian Aguirre (United States)

Afsar U. Ahmed (Australia)

Hajera Amatullah (United States)

Scott Biering (United States)

Iain L Campbell (Australia)

Jorge Cervantes (United States)

Yaping Chen (Australia)

Wai Po Chong (China)

Soo-hyun Chung

 Joseph Thomas Clark (United States)

Sophia Davidson (Australia)

Pamela C De La Cruz-Rivera (United States)

Praik Deb (United States)

Sarah C Edwards (Ireland)

Marlys S Fassett (United States)

Theresa Frenz (Germany)

Serge Y. Fuchs (United States)

Silvia Galván-Peña (United Kingdom)

Michael Paul Gantier (Australia)

Ebrahim Hassan (Germany)

Harry James Hurley (United States)

Akimichi Inaba (United Kingdom)

Min Kyung Jung (South Korea)

Takeshi Kawabe (United States)

You-Me Kim (South Korea)

George Kollias (Greece)

Andrew Charles Larner (United States)

Chien-Kuo Lee (Taiwan)

Suki Lee (Hong Kong)

Dan Li (United States)

Niamh E Mangan (Australia)

Elizabeth Rebecca Mann (United Kingdom)

Katrina Mar (United States)

Lisa A Mielke (Australia)

Hong-Hua Mu (United States)

David Olagnier (Denmark)

Dane Parker (United States)

Shauna Quinn (Ireland)

Carl D Richards (Canada)

Johannes Schwerk (United States)

Ellora Sen (India)

Luisa Margarida da Fonte Senra (Switzerland)

Nikaïa Smith (Germany)

Peter Staeheli (Germany)

Megan L Stanifer (Germany)

Justin Taft (United States)

Ken Takashima

Ce Tang

Michelle Tate (Australia)

Hock L Tay (Australia)

Michele Teng (Australia)

Le Son Tran (Australia)

Evelyn Tsantikos (Australia)

Julio Cesar Valencia (United States)

Theresa L. Wampler Muskardin (United States)

Kathryn McGuckin Wuertz (United States)

Yang Xu

Chao Yang (Australia)

Di Yu (Australia)

Annett Ziegler (Germany)

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