Please join us for the Annual ICIS Members’ Business Meeting with Coffee & Bagels on Monday, 29 October from 7:45 – 8:15 in the Plenary Session Room at Cytokines 2018 in Boston.


  1. Call to order: ICIS President, Nancy Reich Marshall.
  2. President’s Report
    a. Summary of the Council Meeting
    b. Introduce Chairs of Committees
  3. Candidates for the 2018 Election will be Announced
  4. Milstein Travel Award Winners Group Photo & Distribution of the Awards Checks

A Request to All Milstein Travel Award Winners

Thanking our generous benefactors…

Would you please send to us at this email address a statement describing how important receiving a Milstein Travel Award is to your research, how it will enable you to participate in the meeting, and how important this meeting is to your career and research.

We will share your testimonial in a Thank You to the Seymour and Vivian Milstein family for their generous philanthropy in support of our Society. We want them to know how much this means to the cytokine biology community, what types of research their funding is advancing, and how they have been contributing to treatment advances through Milstein Travel Award winning research. Your statement may also be included on the Milstein Award webpage, the Society website and Social Networking.

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